Ivy Asset Management

Ivy Asset Management LogoWe have worked closely with Ivy to provide a sales portal that integrates strong compliance functionality. This has drastically improved the service Ivy provides to it’s clients, and at the same time, slashed the amount of time spent on compliance issues.

For a particular annual roadshow, Ivy reduced it’s compliance time from 2 weeks of effort from senior staff, to a couple hours. At the same time they made the experience for the investors simpler, faster, and no hassle at all.

Our engagement with Ivy has been so valuable to them that Palantir do all of Ivy’s bespoke software needs, a shining example of how we can help boutique financial services firms serve their clients better.


In a world governed by an increased need for rigorous compliance, the balance of effective sales and this commitment can sometimes conflict.

By creating a single sales entry portal with rigorous compliance functionality, Palantir has assisted Ivy Asset Management to improve on both these essential components in the financial services industry.

This is a standout differentiator in the industry that makes new sales and reporting a pleasure.

Bruce Main – Board Member

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