Automated Testing

Automated Testing

Automated testing is one of the most important techniques in our arsenal. Palantir’s software performs better, lasts longer, costs less to operate and maintain, and is more stable – and this is almost entirely due to our rigour in applying automated testing. We believe very strongly in Michael Feathers’ attitude that code without tests is by definition Read more about Automated Testing[…]

Code Quality

Code Quality Tools

Palantir is very passionate about strong engineering practices in our software. We make use of a wide range of techniques and tools to ensure the best possible code outputs. In this post we will explore some of the standardised tools we use to ensure our high level of quality. Automated Testing We work primarily in Read more about Code Quality Tools[…]

Automate all the things

Developer Machine Setup

Developers are a finicky bunch, and make use of a huge array of tools. Many of these tools are installed on an ad-hoc basis when required. Unfortunately, this often means that critical production support or development time needs to be wasted in order to get the tools downloaded and set up correctly. These minutes or Read more about Developer Machine Setup[…]

Ivy Logo

Ivy Asset Management

We have worked closely with Ivy to provide a sales portal that integrates strong compliance functionality. This has drastically improved the service Ivy provides to it’s clients, and at the same time, slashed the amount of time spent on compliance issues. For a particular annual roadshow, Ivy reduced it’s compliance time from 2 weeks of Read more about Ivy Asset Management[…]

Stanlib Logo


Stanlib is Palantir’s longest running single client. We have been involved with Stanlib since 2007, taking part in the development of many of their core systems. For the past year we have been working with Stanlib to ease their transition from in-house maintained systems to Managed Services. Over the years, we have supplied top tier development skills, Read more about Stanlib[…]

JSE Logo


Palantir has been closely engaged with the Johannesburg Stock Exchange since 2013. We primarily provide software development skills to multiple teams and projects, including the Surveillance team, the Trading team, and the Integrated Trading and Clearing Project. We have recently been engaged to provide software testing capabilities as well. The calibre of people at the JSE Read more about JSE[…]