November 26, 2015


Palantir supplies high-end software engineering expertise to some of the biggest names in financial services. Our people and processes enable us to build best of breed solutions for the most discerning of clients.


Our clients need to focus on their core competencies, ones where they have experience and knowledge to guide them. Yet, at the same time, they need customised solutions built to the highest level of engineering quality.

Financial Services focus

Palantir focuses primarily in the financial services space. This gives us a level of insight and ability in this challenging industry that other software development companies cannot match. Our staff are able to hit the ground running, speak to business people in their own language, and make good judgement calls and decisions by virtue of their experience and training in the industry.

What we offer

Palantir takes the headaches and difficulties of software engineering away, and focuses on delivering real and continuous value to your organisation. We have the best skills and practices in the industry and we deliver the very highest quality of turnkey solutions. Our relentless focus on quality drives the total cost of ownership down.

Product Engineering

Advisory Services

Application Services

Turn-around services