Developer Machine Setup

Developers are a finicky bunch, and make use of a huge array of tools. Many of these tools are installed on an ad-hoc basis when required. Unfortunately, this often means that critical production support or development time needs to be wasted in order to get the tools downloaded and set up correctly. These minutes or hours can make a huge difference.

Even if you spend time thinking about what tools need to be installed on a developers machine, these installs take time. Keeping them up to date takes time. Reinstalling a developers machine takes time. And as we all know, time is money.

So, at Palantir, we not only came up with a list of the software we want our developers to have, but we scripted it all, so that installing a new machine is as easy as typing a one line command. Not only that, we’ve made this available to everyone.

We have a github repository which we keep up to date as we learn and improve. At the time of this article, the following software was installed by the script:

  • Hyper-V


Programming environments

  • Node JS
  • NPM




Visual Studio 2015

  • visualstudio2015enterprise -packageParameters “–Features SQL”

SQL Server Express

  • mssqlserver2012express

Install IIS


  • ravendb

System Tools

Developer Utilities

Ruby, Go, Python

DevOps Stuff

  • virtualbox
  • virtualbox.extensionpack
  • vagrant


  • vlc – Media player
  • GoogleChrome
  • 7zip.install
  • adobereader
  • DotNet3.5


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