February 11, 2016


Palantir delivers world-leading bespoke software to the biggest names in South African financial services sector. We deliver innovative and well-engineered solutions, delivered by passionate, talented staff who understand both software and financial services.

Our People

Our 3 Executive Directors have over 65 years of combined experience in software development, with almost 40 of those years being in treasury, asset management, and capital markets. Their expertise and insight will ensure that your software solutions will exceed all expectations.

Our delivery teams are small, but carefully selected from the best in the field: all high-performance, high-impact individuals. All of them are required to acquire certifications and qualifications in financial services in order to ensure they are able to deliver effective solutions and ask the right questions from the very first moment.


LightbulbInnovative solutions deliver out sized benefits. They deliver new customer value, and either meet new needs, or old needs in new ways. Innovation provides a multiplier effect to your investment. Innovation is what separates the mundane from the delightful.

Innovation is part of our DNA. Every single Palantir employee is constantly challenged to deliver on our innovation promise, and we have a proven history of delivering original solutions for ingenious companies.


The very best software developers are 10 times more productive than their similarly experienced peers. Not only that, but their software performs 5 times better.

These developers are the biggest bargains in the software field.

Palantir has reliable methods to find and attract these “x10” developers. We then make them even more effective and productive by careful tool, process, and technique selection. This delivers excellent results, as our history attests.


The Palantir signatureWe only hire people who are truly passionate about software. We love software, the malleability of it, software is both a creative and liberating art and is also at the same time a rigorous engineering discipline. We fully embrace both these aspects of software.

We carry our passion into everything we do. Our people are craftsmen who put their heart and soul into their solutions. For us, the Palantir signature on a system is a mark of pride.

Continually Improving

Palantir has put a Continuing Professional Development Programme in place for it’s technical staff. They are required to achieve a certain amount of learning each year to ensure they stay current. This learning is focused not just at technical aspects, but also at domain-specific knowledge.

This initiative is part of our focus on making Software Engineering a truly professional discipline. Our staff are expected to continually be improving their skills and abilities.

Our Software


PadlockOur software delivers rock solid performance all day, every day. It is supportable, documented, and rigorously tested. “It just works” is our guiding philosophy for our software and we accomplish this by a rigorous focus on simplicity.

Software engineering is all about the management of complexity, and our first focus is on restricting unnecessary complexity. Our reliability focus operates on several levels: people, process, tools, metrics, and hardware are all controlled to deliver software you can depend on.

We don’t say it works, we prove that it works. Not just once, but every single day.


CheetahSpeed is important. Speed of delivery, speed of delivered systems – speed is money, your money; and speed is your customer’s time. Time is far too precious to spend waiting on fast computers running slow software.

Palantir build performance, performance testing, and performance monitoring in from the very beginning. With Palantir you always know your systems are going to perform at their peak.


At Palantir we are ruthless about our engineering discipline. It is not enough to have the best people and give them the best tools, these teams need to be doing effective work, and need to know immediately if they are off-track, so that they can correct their course.

Palantir’s relentless focus on excellent software engineering results in software that is easy to deploy, test, and support. We have established solutions to problems most teams aren’t even aware they have.