August 19, 2015


“In the Mobile Infantry, everybody drops and everybody fights – chaplain and cook and the Old Man’s writer”

Starship Troopers, Robert A. Heinlein

Are you?

  • Passionate about technology?
  • Able to communicate well?
  • A trouble shooter and problem solver?
  • Always learning new things?
  • Proud of the quality of your work?
  • Pragmatic and practical?
  • Eager to share your knowledge and expertise?
  • A better and more productive developer than most of your peers?

If so, maybe you should be working with people like you. With a company that values people like you. That gives people like you the tools you need to get your job done. Drop us a line at

What you get

Because Palantir is run by software engineers we have a unique perspective on what software engineers, testers, and other technical staff need and want. We focus very carefully on finding very good people, and consistently helping them improve. Training, knowledge, and tools are core to that.

Because we know that people are individuals, we don’t mandate specific hardware and software, and instead provide each staff member with their own budget to spend as they see fit. Want a particular mouse? Get it. Want to get a great monitor? Get it. Want a hugely expensive laptop? Save your budget for a couple years and get it.

Training is a must, and every person is expected to fulfill certain amounts of training each year, based on a training plan worked out with them. Some of the training is specific to their role, and some is specific to the industry. We also require that all our people study and complete the Registered Persons Exam, CAIA, Claritas, or CFA in order to demonstrate their knowledge of the financial services industry.