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What we do

Palantir provides some of the biggest names in South African financial services with high-end software engineering services
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Product Engineering

Our team has experience building high end mission critical products to a wide range of consumers. Our developed systems are easy to maintain and support.

We can assist throughout the product lifecycle.

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Advisory Services

We provide high quality, practical, real world advice to some clients. This provides them with an independent point of view on technology.

Ask us about architecture, technology, agile, or devops.

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Application Services

Our teams bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to enterprise IT development. We can help with the development itself, optimising team performance, improving the software quality, or turning around troubled projects.

About Us

Palantir is passionate about bespoke software engineering
Nothing's ever built to last but that doesn't mean it's not worth building

So many companies will tell you about their processes and techniques, and we will too, but they don't talk nearly enough about what underlies those. Dedicated, talented individuals with a passion for what they do are far more important than any process or technique.

At Palantir our focus is on finding individuals like that, and welding them together into a powerful and cohesive team. We then layer on processes and techniques that help creativity and innovation, not hinder it.

We can do this because we’re owned and run by software engineers, and we have deep experience in what makes software engineering successful and productive, and we apply that knowledge to improve our staff’s capabilities at all times.

  • We make use of strong engineering techniques to maximise our quality of delivery. These techniques speed development and change, and encourage successful innovation.

  • We constantly work to improve the level and quality of our solutions, thinking, and knowledge. Our staff can, swiftly and confidently, deliver real business value.

  • We don't just worry about passing QA, we consider the entire lifespan of the solution. We think about supportability and maintainability for years to come, allowing you to get maximum use out of your investment.

  • We engineer our team processes to ensure maximum productivity, our hiring processes to find top talent, and our training processes to make our people more effective.


Passionate, dedicated people who love what they do

Craig Main

Craig is a hugely experienced technologist, with over 19 years experience in software development at some of the most prestigious organisations before founding Palantir.

Sean Hederman

Sean has a large amount of experience leading and transforming software teams. His passion is team productivity and quality.

Mario Andron

Mario is a passionate engineer, focusing on big data, electronics, and high performance software.


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