Stanlib is Palantir’s longest running single client. We have been involved with Stanlib since 2007, taking part in the development of many of their core systems. For the past year we have been working with Stanlib to ease their transition from in-house maintained systems to Managed Services.

Over the years, we have supplied top tier development skills, and have been intimately involved in their architectural redesign over the past few years. We have also worked with Stanlib to improve their overall software engineering maturity levels, and provided thought leadership and innovation.

Finally, we have begun a tailored Agile transformation at Stanlib, taking into account some the unique challenges Stanlib faces. We have introduced Agile techniques in a phased approach, allowing a gradual and accelerating growth in Agile maturity.

We find Stanlib to be a great partner, they push us hard to think deep and hard about the challenges they face, and appreciate innovative ideas and techniques.

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