April 22, 2017

Application Services

Delivering business value by getting your software development under control

Enterprise software can be huge and unwieldy, and all too often fails to timeously deliver the value that the business needs. Palantir can help your teams deliver working and valuable software effectively.

On site software engineering

Our people or teams can help your projects deliver the value that you need. Our preference is to get involved early so that we can help ensure the project is delivered successfully from the beginning, but we can assist at any stage. We can provide everything from individual team members, through to leadership, or even entire teams.

Our people are expected to not only be experts in their technical fields, but also to have relevant domain expertise, so they can hit the ground running. Each of our people will not only be a valued asset to your project, but will also

Outsourced software engineering

We can develop entire portions of your enterprise project, running the entire team offsite, and delivering valuable, working software on a predictable cadence. Our software is guaranteed to be of the highest quality, and conforms to our rigorous and exacting standards. Importantly, it is also easy to understand, maintain and support.

Exactly what you need for peace of mind.

Application Lifecycle Management

We have extensive experience in getting ultimate value out of Application Lifecycle Management systems. Too often these powerful tools languish under-utilised. We can help you build these processes effectively to meet your needs, and provide massive value add services such as:

  • Automated software metrics, tracking trends in your software quality measures.
  • Behaviour and Acceptance Test Driven Development to help align your business requirements with the automated tests.
  • Automated browser compatibility testing across a wide range of browsers and versions.
  • Quality reports against tasks, requirement, and bugs.
  • Effective code branching and merging strategies.
  • Effective version and dependency management.
  • Automated deployment systems.
  • Automated release notes.

Maintainable and Supportable Systems

Most vendors pay lip service to maintainability and supportability. Worse yet, so do most internal teams. The focus from the start of software development is in delivering features, not how they’re going to be supported. This leads to highly expensive support that required ongoing and comprehensive developer involvement, ratcheting up the ongoing expenses for the software.

Palantir have developed a set of very simple and easy development practices that can be followed right from the very beginning of the project, that allow for easy maintenance, support and monitoring. Best of all these practices are technology agnostic, and will not slow down the delivery pace at all.

Why us?

Palantir have provided these services for our entire lifetime to our largest clients. They find our skills and contribution so valuable that they retain us for years and years, renewing our contracts and moving us from successful project completion to project inception.