April 22, 2017

Product Engineering

Trust the experts to help you deliver world beating software
Palantir can help you develop the software products your customers crave. Keeping customers has never been harder, and in this fast paced world, you need your software products to deliver fantastic experiences. In addition, you also need your products to be easy to maintain and support, reducing your Total Cost of Ownership.

What we offer

  • Product inception, business case and planning
  • Determining requirements, and ensuring full traceability
  • Architectural design and technology selection
  • Engineering of the product, with built in quality
  • Full spectrum testing
  • Localisation and compliance
  • Documentation and training
  • All lines of support
  • Managed service & hosting

Why us?

Palantir have plenty of experience in building a wide range of products for many customers and industries. Not only that, we have helped turn around many failing products and projects, developed by less capable teams. We have applied those learnings to enable us to produce systems that are on a different plane in terms of stability, performance and scalability, quality, and maintainability and supportability.

We’ve got solutions for problems most product development companies don’t even know exist.